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Wilderness Camp Insurance

Wilderness Camp Liability Insurance

Wilderness Camps are also recognized as adventure-based camps.  They often are used for therapeutic intervention.  However, most are just old-fashioned camps to give youngsters the opportunity to experience outdoor living and camping at its finest!  Young people can go to the camp and relive the past by cooking out over a campfire and pitching a tent.  Wilderness Camps offer campers the chance to visit famous state parks.  Whether your children are roughing it in a remote area or they are cabin-mates with fancier accommodations, you are going to want to make sure that they are protected by the Wilderness Camps Insurance policy created by Westpoint Insurance.    Wilderness Campers often sustain injuries no more serious than blisters on their feet from hiking or bee stings, but regardless, you won’t want to take any chances of them having more serious injuries or a life-threatening accident without being protected by excellent Wilderness Camp Insurance designed by Westpoint Insurance.  There are other dangers that campers can encounter in Wilderness Camp, such as inclement weather conditions, rough terrain, hazardous river crossings and dangerous animals.  Frequently, Wilderness Campers experience dehydration, heat exhaustion, hypothermia and, even, altitude sickness.  If you operate a Wilderness Camp, you will want to make certain that everyone involved in your camping enterprise is protected by Westpoint Insurance.  Don’t become the victim of the worst case scenario!  You want to provide Wilderness Camp Insurance for your counselors, your camp directors, your staff assistants, your campers and everyone who is involved in the Wilderness Camp.   

Wilderness Camp Insurance Coverage

Westpoint Insurance has been developing Wilderness Camp Insurance policies for decades.  We endeavor to deliver the best comprehensive policy that is easy to understand but responds positively to the unique needs of your Wilderness Camp risks.   Quality programs, efficient claims service and expedient responses are the basis of Westpoint Insurance’s success as a qualified broker and administrator of Wilderness Camp Insurance policies. We are always striving to find better ways to improve your experience.  We offer the Westpoint Insurance difference to our policyholders.  Our company is well aware of all the financial consequences the camp, the camper and the parents face in the event of a medical emergency or unexpected accident. Furthermore, staff members and other employees and volunteers also need to be safeguarded in the event of litigation.  Westpoint Insurance looks forward to working with you to create the most suitable Wilderness Camp Insurance that will fit your specifications and suit your budget!  To discover how we can help, call our offices today!

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