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Frequently called “power tumbling,” tumbling was developed in very early times, but, today, it is seen as a sport that is classified, regulated, judged and performed using standardized special equipment. Initially, it originated from tumbling performances performed by entertainers from very early times. Tumbling is practiced by both men and women athletes. Competitors usually perform two passes, each containing eight skills along a 25 meter-long spring track, usually starting with a round-off, Barani, or Rudi (the Barani and Rudi are forward, twisting somersaults) followed by a series of back-handsprings and/or whips and ending in a dismount. Naturally, there are many possible injuries that can occur when engaged in tumbling. The nature of the sport is extremely physical, and a wrong move or a poorly executed action can result in sprains, strains or even broken bones. As a result, if you are a gymnasium or health club that offers tumbling, you are certainly going to want to make sure you and your facility and all.

Tumbling Insurance Policy

As a highly regarded and respected family-owned and operated insurance agency, Westpoint Insurance has been serving its clients for more than 30 years with state-of-the-art sports insurance coverage in all 50 states. We hand pick only the top-notch insurance companies approved by A.M. Best Company for our clients’ policies. Moreover, our policies are well-known for being both comprehensive and affordable. This is just one of the many reasons our clients continue to seek our serves again and again because they are well-aware that they can always count on us to make sure your insurance policy is up-dated and suits your circumstances to a “T!” When you let our experienced team assist you, you’ll discover that we place a strong emphasis on exceptional customer service and pride ourselves in preserving long-time, mutually beneficial relationships with our customers.

Tumbling Insurance Coverage

Westpoint Insurance has the talent and knowledge to customize the kind of tumbling coverage that fits requirements and your budget! In addition, you will always be treated with the kind of courtesy and respect you deserve by Westpoint Insurance’s agents and personnel. Although accidents do occur, we will be there to ensure you have the protection to make sure that you do not suffer catastrophic financial loss. Having the best tumbling insurance will safeguard you and all your employees, volunteers and tumbling participants in the event of any injuries. Furthermore, it will offer you the kind of peace of mind you are entitled to. Not only will Westpoint Insurance meet all of your expectations, but we will actually exceed them! To get your free quote on the finest coverage available, call us today at: (800) 318-7709! We are waiting to help you!

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