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Two years ago our company was looking for someone to handle the insurance needs of our organization. After comparing prices it was narrowed down to a select few. I contacted West Point Insurance and spoke with Angela Salcido. Of course outside of price I was hoping that I could find a company that would provide great service. This isn’t something you know until you have worked with them for some time. Since our initial conversation, West Point Insurance and Angela have done nothing but provide us with exceptional service. The speed and professionalism they provide has far exceeded our expectations. I am confident that if your company is looking for an insurance provider to handle your needs, this is where you want to put your trust in.

Frank Ibbetson

President, NYEB Inc

I use Westpoint for the Pro Ball Clinics they ROCK! Great service & great people!

John Rubinow

President, Pro Baseball Clinics

With a very poor economy over the past 6 years, my company has managed to maintain a strong, positive growth each and every year. I have been able to achieve this simply for aligning myself with the right business partners and events. Angela Salcido and West Point Insurance has played a key role with the growth and continued success of the Quarterback Farm. They have clearly understood our day to day demands within our industry and provided extremely fast and accurate customer service when needed. There is no question West Point Insurance will continue to play a big roll in our continued success. I strongly encourage any company or business to invite West Point Insurance within your business plan, they’ll become a key element in your success as well.

Steve Gregory

President, Founder Quarterback Farm

I have had a tremendous experience working with Angela Salcido at Westpoint Insurance Group. Angela and her exceptional group of office personnel provide all of the valuable information needed to provide the best insurance coverage for our directors, teams, parks and umpires. Angela offers first class service with prompt, friendly service to all inquiries and needs.
Faye Cantrell

President, National Softball Association

I tell people about your company constantly. You are the best I’ve ever dealt with.


President, Wildthangz Softball

Thank you so much, it has been a real pleasure doing business with your company over the past few years and as a new business owner the quality of your work is greatly appreciated.

Bryan Diaz

President, Generation XMA, LC

Always a pleasure doing business with Westpoint Insurance Michael Heck The Dueling Grounds, LLC Thanks for making it easy to deal with our martial arts insurance!We have been with Westpoint for a number of years, and they have been great to deal with!

Annellen Simpkins

President, Wildthangz Softball

CNR Basketball LLC is now entering their 7th year associated with Westpoint Insurance Group, and we have been extremely happy with the services provided for us. As a successful basketball league in St. Louis, Missouri, our needs are unique in the areas of insurance. Our league sites, team members, and age groups are continuously changing, and Westpoint Insurance has provided outstanding coverage and service throughout those changes. Our representatives at Westpoint have always been exceptionally cooperative, helpful, and often go above and beyond in their efforts to insure the best possible service for our organization.

Our association with Westpoint Insurance Group has provided CNR Basketball with the best possible insurance coverage, at the best price, and with the best service. We recommend any organization looking for insurance coverage to strongly consider Westpoint Insurance.

Mike Reinhardt, Scott Cleer, Jeremy Donald

President, CNR Basketball

Westpoint Insurance has been an excellent company to work with. We have been using them for over 6 years. Always helpful & available for any questions we need answered. They blow the competition out of the water with their service & low cost premiums.

Mark Mellenthin

President, Burbank Titans Youth Football & Cheerleading Association (Illinois)