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Tap Dancing Class Insurance

Tap Dance has been around for a very long time. It dates back to African American dancing, English Lancashire Clog dancing and Irish Step-dancing. It is believed to have begun in the 1800s during the rise of minstrel shows. Tap Dance involves the dancer using the sound of the tap shoes hitting the floor. There are two significant variations on Tap Dance – Jazz or rhythm Tap Dance and Broadway Tap Dance. Jazz Tap Dance emphasizes musicality, whereas Broadway Tap Dance focuses on dance. The sound tap shoes make is done by the metal taps attached to the heels and the toes of the bottom of the shoes. “Soft Shoe” is a form of Tap Dancing that doesn’t require special shoes, but the rhythm is made by tapping the feet or the sliding of the feet. Often, the dancers scatter sand on the floor to enhance the sound of their sliding feet. Whether students come to learn Tap Dance skills for the sheer pleasure of dancing, or whether you are someone who has always wanted to learn, or you are doing it for the health benefits, Tap Dancing is a wonderful enjoyable form of exercise and fun!

Tap Dance Instructor Insurance

Tap Dance Studios have been popular places for years where students have been able to learn the art of Tap Dancing and have fun all at the same time. As with all dance styles, Tap Dance can have accidents occur, too. The last thing a Tap Dance Studio wants to do is to be unprotected in the event of some calamity, regardless of how small or seemingly insignificant. You can rely upon Westpoint Insurance to provide protection for your Tap Dance Studio or School, your owners, directors, instructors and employees against claims of bodily injury liability, property damage liability and the litigation costs to defend against such claims. Having Tap Dance Studio insurance through Westpoint Insurance guards you against personal loss. Even if there is no fault, your Tap Dance Studio insurance policy will cover the cost of defense for a claim of civil liability. Don’t be caught without the best insurance protection. You are going to want a cost effective policy through Westpoint Insurance.

Tap Dance Studio Liabilty Insurance

When Westpoint Insurance tailors an insurance policy specifically for you, you are going to be relieved that you and everyone who works for your Tap Dance Studio are covered. Our outstanding comprehensive program is designed to give your group the coverage it needs and you the peace of mind you want. If you would like to discover more about our Tap Dance Studio insurance, give us a call today. We have the unique kind of Tap Dance Studio insurance that your Studio and employees need. Isn’t it time your Tap Dance Studio gets the protection it’s been missing?

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