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Science Camp/Non Sport Camp Insurance

Summer Science Camp Insurance

For children, summer camp is a time to make new friend, learn more about themselves, and go through new experiences. More and more children each year are attending geological and non-sports camps. Why? It’s simple, because children truly love to learn. Unlike sports camps, geological camps offer an ideal learning environment for children. They get to learn more about their surroundings. Geological/non-sports camps can be hazardous at times. As a parent, you want to be sure your child is protected at all times, especially while at camp.

Overnight Summer Camp Insurance

To run a successful geological or non-sports camp, you need the full support and trust of your camper’s parents. This starts with the right insurance and coverage. For years, Westpoint Insurance has been helping geological and non-sports camps get the insurance they need to earn the trust of the parents. Our geological and non-sports camp insurance is exactly what your camp has been missing. It provides everyone with peace of mind, in the event of an accident. If something does happen, you know that you, your campers, and instructors will be protected.

Outdoor Summer Camp Insurance

Unlike other insurance companies who only offer a few types of coverage, at Westpoint Insurance, we know that not all camps are the same. This is why we customize an insurance policy that fits your geological or non-sports camp’s exact needs. You will no longer pay for unnecessary coverage. Best of all, our insurance policies are affordable on most camp budgets.

Kids Summer Camp Insurance

For a small price, your geological or non-sports camp could get the protection it deserves. Westpoint Insurance’s coverage is exactly what’s needed to earn the trust of your potential camper’s parents. Give us a call today to find out more about our geological and non-sports camp insurance. It’s what’s been missing all these years!