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Sand Volleyball Insurance

Sand Volleyball Insurance

Sand Volleyball, also called Beach Volleyball, is a product of Hawaii and California. Most probably, it was around 1915 when the sport took shape and showed up in the Pacific Palisades – Santa Monica area of California. However, as a professional sport, Sand Volleyball was little-known until the 1980s when it experienced a surge in popularity. Since 1996, it has been an Olympic sport. Fundamentally, Sand Volleyball is quite similar to standard Volleyball. A few of the primary differences include: The playing surface – Sand Volleyball is played on sand rather than a hard court; team size – Sand Volleyball, is played as doubles rather than six to a team. According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, “Sprains and strains account for two-thirds or more of Volleyball injuries. The ankle, hand-fingers knee and shoulder are the goes on to say that “Because Volleyball is such an intense sport that requires quick physical responses involving the entire body; Volleyball has a high risk of injury.” As a result, if you are a sponsor of a Sand Volleyball team, or if you are club or school that offers Sand Volleyball as a sport, you are going to want to explore the insurance options offered by Westpoint Insurance. Our agents have the knowledge and expertise to understand all the possibilities of injuries your players, coaches, school, club and employees face with Sand Volleyball.

Sand Volleyball Match Insurance

Westpoint Insurance has been providing the finest, state-of-the-art sports insurance policies for more than 30 years to all 50 states in the Union. Our comprehensive insurance plan is intended to completely cover all aspects of your involvement in Sand Volleyball in order to customize the policy you need and provide you with the peace of mind you deserve. Westpoint Insurance is recognized as the preeminent sports insurance source for teams, leagues and sporting associations. You can always depend upon Westpoint Insurance to protect your Sand Volleyball group with excellent and affordable coverage. You’ll find that our policies are tailored to your specifications and your budget. When you let Westpoint Insurance’s team of professionals collaborate with you to develop the most appropriate insurance for you, you will be amazed at our commitment to complete customer satisfaction. We have been providing solutions to insurance questions for over three decades, and Westpoint Insurance is ready to do the same for you and your Sand Volleyball enterprise.

Sand Volleyball Camp Insurance

If you are involved in any facet of Sand Volleyball, you realize the significant of having an excellent insurance policy. You need a company whose specialty is sports insurance. Don’t settle for a bunch of amateurs who don’t know what they are doing. Get with the professionals at Westpoint Insurance! We will provide the best insurance for your Sand Volleyball program that will meet your needs at a reasonable cost. Contact Westpoint Insurance today and ask an agent about our sports insurance for your Sand Volleyball program.

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