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Running Insurance

Runners Insurance

For over three decades, Westpoint Insurance has been serving the insurance needs of clients throughout the nation.  We have done our due diligence and are able to provide our customers with the most comprehensive policy at an affordable price.  Westpoint Insurance works for the client; not the insurance company, and as an independent insurance broker, we have recently been customizing insurance plans for clients involved in running sports.  Whether you call it running, jogging or sprinting, essentially the sport is the same, and the injuries which may occur are also the same.  In fact, there are quite a number of injuries which can occur while running.  These include:

  • Runners knee;
  • Shin splints;
  • Pulled muscles;
  • Twisted ankle;
  • plantar fasciitis;
  • Achilles tendinitis and
  • Stress fractures.

Regardless of the injury, you are going to want to have a running insurance policy that will cover any of the aforementioned injuries or any others that may occur during running.

Runners Insurance Policy

Just as there is the possibility of an injury while running, there are many benefits to the sport.  People who engage in running, jogging or sprinting are able to stay in shape, lose weight, improve cardiovascular health, and strengthen the immune system, to name just a few advantages.  If you are involved in a team running club or you are a sponsor or coach of runners, you will want to ensure that everyone involved with the sport of running is fully covered by running insurance specifically created for your running club by Westpoint Insurance.  Our experienced agents will work with you to guarantee that our running insurance meets your insurance needs at a price you can afford.  Westpoint Insurance is an independent broker and they will provide you with the protection your running organization deserves.  To find out more about how Westpoint Insurance can design the best running insurance for your club, call us today.

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