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Pure Barre Insurance

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Pure Barre was created by choreographer Carrie Rezabek in 2006, and it is recognized as a total body workout that burns fat and tones the body. The Pure Barre experience consists of its own technique. There are five steps when it comes to working out:

  1. Warm up;
  2. Thigh work;
  3. Seat work;
  4. Ab work; and
  5. Weight training.

Although Pure Barre is often recommended to people who have had injuries in the past, there is an ever so slight chance that if a participant doesn’t warm-up appropriately, they may be injured. Most of all, persons involved in Pure Barre classes from participants to instructors, venue owners or any other staff are always going to want to ensure they are fully protected by the best insurance in the business – Westpoint Insurance.

Pure Barre Insurance Policy

It is always smart for individuals involved in Pure Barre to have really good insurance. Although most Pure Barre instructors warm up their students before class much the same way coaches warm up other athletes prior to a game, and they usually conclude the class with a cool down, muscles which are not properly prepared can become sore. Westpoint Insurance is the perfect independent insurance broker who can connect you to the commercial insurance industry for the kind of insurance program that will fit your Pure Barre program. Westpoint Insurance has in excess of three decades of experience, and we are well aware of the kinds of risks involved in ­operating a Pure Barre program. We will ensure you have the trouble-free, comprehensive insurance program that will help you meet any medical or liability expenses.

Pure Barre Liability Insurance

Clients know that Westpoint Insurance can be counted on to be there when they need it most. We are always searching for the best ways to improve your insurance experience. In fact, Westpoint Insurance makes getting insurance for your Pure Barre classes easier than you ever imagined. We provide protection for your Pure Barre classes, the participants, owners, directors, instructors and employees against claims of bodily injury liability, property damage liability and the litigation costs to defend against such claims. To discover more about our Pure Barreinsurance, call us today, at: (800) 318-7709!

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