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Pilates is a physical fitness system developed in the early 20th Century by Joseph Pilates. Further, Pilates is a body conditioning routine that helps build flexibility, muscle strength, and endurance in participants’ legs, abdomen, arms, hips, and back. It emphasizes spinal and pelvic alignment, breathing, and developing a strong core and improving coordination and balance. In addition, Pilates is widely known for improving muscle tone, supporting correct posture, and teaching individuals to move with ease and grace. More and more studies reveal the many benefits from Pilates which occur when participants are attempting to restore lost balance, flexibility and to reduce lower back pain after being involved in an accident. Safety is always employed in all aspects of the Pilates work-out. Instructors take precautions, and adapt their regimen to suit the each participant’s special requirements and conditions, such as women who are pregnant or who have recently given birth, older participants, persons with certain disabilities and persons who are involved in Pilates as part of a rehab situation.

Pilates Studio Liability Insurance

Regardless of the exercise, it is always recommended that persons who may have pre-existing health concerns, or elderly persons, are checked over by their physicians to determine whether they should engage in a particular physical activity. However, even if the participants receive their physicians’ blessings, it is critical that a health club or gym is duly protected with the finest comprehensive insurance policy available from Westpoint Insurance. As a well-known and nationally respected family-owned and operated insurance agency, Westpoint Insurance has been proudly serving clients for over three decades with first class sports and special events insurance coverage. We only select the highest caliber insurance companies approved by A.M. Best Company. Furthermore, we cover clients in all 50 states with policies that are both all-inclusive and affordable. Clients understand that they can rely upon us to guarantee that your insurance policy is current and fits your needs like a glove! You never want to be at risk for injuries unless you have a substantial insurance police supporting and protecting you.

Pilates Studio Insurance Coverage

Westpoint Insurance has the know-how to tailor the kind of coverage your Pilates exercise group requires and do it in an affordable manner. Furthermore, since we are always endeavoring to promote a long-lasting and ongoing relationship with our clients, you can always count on us to treat you with the utmost of respect. Remember, that although accidents do occur no matter how careful and cautious you are, Westpoint Insurance will be there to make sure they are not devastating financial disasters, too. Having the best Pilates insurance will protect you and all your employees, volunteers and participants in the event of any injuries, and it will give you the kind of peace of mind you deserve. Count on Westpoint Insurance to not only meet your expectations, but to exceed them! For a free quote on the best coverage imaginable for your Pilates group, call us today at: (800) 318-7709! You will be glad you did!

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