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New York City Marathon Insurance

New York Marathon Insurance

The New York City Marathon has been held annually on the first Sunday in November since 1970 with only one exception, and that was in 2012 when it was cancelled because of Hurricane Sandy.  Recognized as one of the largest marathons in the world, with over 45,000 finishers in 2010, the New York City Marathon is one of the preeminent long distance events in the country and, along with the Chicago Marathon and the Boston Marathon, is one of the major world marathons.  Further, the race is organized by the New York Road Runners, and because of the popularity of the race, participation is decided by a lottery system.  Today, the course is particularly hilly, and the New York City Marathon covers all five boroughs of New York City.  Whether you walk or run the 26.2 mile course, there is no argument that the New York City Marathon is a lesson in endurance.  The best you can do is to prepare for the race with a trainer who is experienced, then follow all the precautions recommended for your age, experience, and physical and mental health.  Finally, you are going to want to invest in the most comprehensive New York City Marathon Insurance that Westpoint Insurance has to offer!

New York City Marathon Insurance Policy

Westpoint Insurance is a family-owned and operated national agency that has done its due diligence and is able to provide an all-inclusive policy for you and your marathon group for the most affordable price.  Westpoint Insurance uses A-rated insurance companies as determined by A.M. Best Company to ensure that our clients have the appropriate financial strength to support their risk of injuries.  You can count on our capable team to ensure that our policy suits your insurance requirements and your budget!  Westpoint Insurance will design for you a General Liability and Accident Medical policy that will cover all the basics of your running club. It will protect you and your members in the event of a lawsuit or property damage.  Further, Westpoint Insurance’s policies protect your participants, staff, coaches and volunteers against claims of bodily injury, property damage liability and any litigation costs to defend against those claims, even if they are unsubstantiated.  Essentially, Westpoint Insurance has your back when you have our New York City Marathon Insurance!  All the participants of your New York Marathon Insurance policyholders named in the application are covered while involved in any sponsored and supervised activities; including time spent traveling to and from the sponsored activities.  As a result, if your marathon group is in the market to participate in the New York City Marathon, it is time for you to get in touch with Westpoint Insurance, today!

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