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Mud Run/Paint Run Insurance

Paint Run Insurance

Mud Runs and Paint Runs are popular activities throughout the country. They are typically off road, 5K or 10K runs with various obstacles like climbing over obstacles, going through tunnels, swimming across water hazards and, of course, mud pits and mud crawls! The paint part emerges in between the obstacle areas in what is referred to as a “war zone” where participants blast each other with paint. Many consider Mud Runs and Paint Runs as a means to test runners’ stamina, strength and “inner child!” And, as fun as these escapades are for the participants, there are serious accidents and injuries which occur during these events. In fact, although the chance of death or catastrophic injury is not high, they have occurred, and that is why sponsors of these events need to protect themselves by investing in Westpoint Insurance’s “Special Events Accident & Liability Insurance.” It seems that no longer is running enough. Thrill-seekers have upped the ante and they are looking for more extreme events like Mud Runs and Paint Runs. However, with more severe activities come more severe consequences. Not only are inexperienced runners in danger of injury, but skilled and highly-trained athletes have sustained serious injuries. However, with more severe accidents in Mud Runs and Paint Runs come more severe consequences, including death and paralysis. There are also hidden dangers that runners encounter like tree roots, rocks undercover of mud or water, and the risk of slipping in the mud and getting a concussion or twisting, spraining or breaking an ankle.

Mud Run Liability Insurance

Even though serious injuries and fatalities are uncommon, the hazards and challenges faced by Mud Runs and Paint Runs need to be met with outstanding protection offered by Westpoint Insurance’s “Special Events Accident & Liability Insurance.” Not only do sponsors involved in Mud Runs and Paint Runs want to protect themselves from liability, but they also want to ensure that their volunteers, employees and support staff are also protected. The host facilities, whether they are on public or private property, are also advised to carry insurance to protect them from civil litigations. Westpoint Insurance specializes in delivering coverage, as determined by type of risk, in all 50 states of the country. With our “Special Events Accident & Liability Insurance,” your Mud Runs and Paint Runs obstacle races will be completely protected with the best policy available.

Paint Run Liability Insurance

Westpoint Insurance is a family-owned and operated insurance agency providing coverage in all 50 states. You can always rely upon Westpoint Insurance to build a complete insurance policy program for you that will meet all your Mud Runs and Paint Runs requirements. We use only A-rated insurance companies as affirmed by A.M. Best Company. That way our customers know that the companies we recommend can deliver the financial strength to support their potential risks. With more than 30 years of experience in the insurance industry, Westpoint Insurance has the reputation of supplying all-inclusive plans at the most affordable prices. We work for the consumer; not the insurance company! For more information about Westpoint Insurance’s Special Events Accident & Liability Insurance,” call us today.

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