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Muay Thai Class Insurance

Muay Thai is a combat martial art from Thailand that uses stand-up striking along with various clinching techniques.  The sport of Muay Thai is often referred to as “Kick Boxing.” It is a physical and mental discipline which is called “the art of eight weapons” because it involves the combined use of fists, elbows, knees, shins and feet. Although Muay Thai became popular in the Sixteenth Century, it became widespread internationally during the Twentieth Century, when many Muay Thai fighters from Thailand won several victories over representatives of other martial arts. There are significant injuries involved in the sport of Muay Thai. Whether a Muay Thai participant is a man or a woman, a beginner, an amateur or a professional, the most common of all their injuries are injuries which occur to the lower extremities. Studies show that head injuries are the most common Muay Thai injuries to amateurs and professionals, whereas trunk injuries are the most common to beginners. All three groups – beginners, amateurs and professionals – most often suffer from soft tissue trauma. For professionals, fractures are the second most common of injuries and for beginners and amateurs, it is sprains and strains. Due to the fact that there are so many injuries associated with Muay Thai, it is highly recommended that all Muay Thai Schools have Westpoint Insurance coverage for their school, all their employees, staff, volunteers and, most certainly, all of their students.

Muay Thai Instructor Insurance

Westpoint Insurance is widely seen as offering the best protection in the area of Muay Thai School Insurance. Just as with all other martial arts activities, Muay Thai requires that its participants are well-conditioned. It actually has emerged as a sport that originally was far more dangerous. Although Muay Thai still boasts a number of injuries, it is no longer the lethal sport it once was. Even though the injuries are frequent, they are not life-threatening. That being said, it would be foolish for a Muay Thai School not to carry Muay Thai School Insurance on everyone involved in this physical combat sport. The helpful agents at Westpoint Insurance will be only too happy to custom design a Muay Thai School Insurance policy just for your specific needs. We have been creating tailor-made insurance policies for schools for over 30 years, and we are one of the top school insurance companies in the nation. Muay Thai School’s will be hard-pressed to find any other insurance company that will develop an insurance policy to suit your Muay Thai School’s specifications!

Muay Thai Studio Liabilty Insurance

You are going to want to contact the experts at Westpoint Insurance to help you determine the best coverage for your Muay Thai School Insurance. The last thing you want is a one-size-fits-all insurance policy for your Muay Thai School Insurance. You want the specialists at Westpoint Insurance working for you. Remember, we don’t work for the insurance companies – we work for you – our clients! Westpoint Insurance’s capable staff and underwriters have performed all the necessary requirements and research to comprehend all the possible risks you face in operating a Muay Thai School. So, when you get ready to let us create the best Muay Thai School Insurance policy for you, give us a call! You will be glad you did.

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