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Miniature Golf Insurance

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Miniature golf, also known as mini-golf, midget golf and Putt-Putt, is an offshoot of the sport of golf which concentrates solely on the putting aspect of the regular game. It is played on courses of usually nine holes similar to regular golf, but distinguished by their short length between holes and the use of artificial putting surfaces such as carpet, Astroturf and concrete. Miniature golf frequently has a geometric layout that may require non-traditional putting lines such as bank shots and artificial obstacles such as tunnels, tubes, ramps, concrete, metal, fiberglass forms and moving impediments such as windmills. There are many miniature golf courses and businesses throughout the nation. Although accidents and injuries are extremely rare and uncommon, they still occur from time to time. In the rare instance that someone is injured, you are definitely going to want to be covered with the best miniature golf insurance in the industry – Westpoint Insurance!

Miniature Golf Insurance Policy

As a family-owned and operated sports insurance agency that provides insurance coverage in all 50 states, Westpoint Insurance possesses over three decades of experience in the sports insurance industry! Over the years, we have been making certain that our miniature golf clients receive the finest insurance policies that don’t just meet their expectations, but actually exceed them! Additionally, Westpoint Insurance is well-known for delivering our miniature golf insurance at a reasonable price. Most injuries that occur while engaging in miniature golf involve tripping over a piece of equipment on the miniature golf course or possibly being struck by a careless person swinging a club. As with any leisure activity, it is extremely important that participants use common sense, stick with the rules of the game for the course, and exercise caution. Lastly, you will want to assure that everyone associated with your miniature golf club or business is covered by Westpoint Insurance.

Miniature Golf Insurance Coverage

Whatever you do, don’t run the risk of injuries without the protection of a miniature golf policy from Westpoint Insurance. Individuals who are involved in the sport of miniature golf should realize that injuries involving players, course owners, volunteers and coaches can occur while a miniature golf game is in progress or your group or team hosts or travels to a tournament. An injury could very well be in the form of food poisoning while traveling to a playoff in another community. This is the reason you are going to want to invest in an all-inclusive and comprehensive insurance plan from Westpoint Insurance since injuries are not always caused by the sport. Our insurance company is recognized for tailoring insurance policies specifically for our miniature golf family for an affordable price. Not only do our policies include protection for miniature golf, but it also provides coverage for owners, directors, instructors, employees and players against any claims of bodily injury, property damage and any litigation costs to defend against such claims. If you find your group needs customized miniature golf insurance, it’s time to pick up the phone and call Westpoint Insurance today, at: (800) 318-7709.

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