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Michigan Sports Insurance

Accident Medical and General Liability Insurance for
Teams, Leagues, Squads, Clubs or Associations

Michigan Sports Insurance

As independent insurance brokers, Westpoint Insurance is completely aware of the financial consequences to sports venues and parents when a team member sustains an injury and there is no youth sports insurance, sports league insurance, event insurance or sports camp insurance. The costs can be devastating and can result in costly litigation and/or bankruptcy. However, we are a nationally recognized presence in the sports insurance industry, with over three and a half decades under our belts, and our collective talent and experience as underwriters is without equal. You can count on the sports insurance professionals at Westpoint Insurance to custom-fit the best sports camp insurance for your campers during the summer months that will protect everyone involved. So, if one of your campers tangles with some poison ivy in the outfield or a coach is stung by a bunch of angry bees, you are covered by our exceptional sports camp insurance policy for Accident, Medical and General Liability. It is no wonder that when our Michigan friends need the best sports camp insurance or event insurance for end of the season playoffs, the only name they need to know is Westpoint Insurance.

Michigan Sports Camp Insurance

Our family-owned and operated independent insurance company is the sports insurance connection for Michigan clients. Whether Michigan customers want sports league insurance for their soccer league, or for softball and baseball leagues, Westpoint Insurance can hook them up so they will be assured of getting the peace-of-mind they deserve at a price they can afford. Our sports insurance policies are tailor-made to their specifications for their Michigan youth sports leagues or sports events, and streamlined so they get only what they need and nothing that they don’t! The outstanding team of experts at Westpoint Insurance are dedicated to ensuring its Michigan customers receive the best sports insurance possible. In fact, not only do we endeavor to meet all of our Michigan clients’ expectations, but we are most likely to exceed them! Furthermore, it goes without saying that customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal in everything we do with regard to supplying the finest sports insurance in the industry.

Michigan Sports League Insurance

Not only does Westpoint Insurance treat its clientele politely and considerately, but essentially we provide them with the same courtesies we would want for ourselves. This is one of the major contributing factors into our clients being repeat customers, as well as sending their families, friends and colleagues to us for their sports insurance needs. You can readily depend upon Westpoint Insurance to create the kind of sports insurance policy that speaks to your unique requirements, rather than being a cookie-cutter insurance policy that leaves gaps in your coverage and doesn’t fully protect everything which should be covered. With our background and experience, you can rest assured that we will work with you to provide the comprehensive sports insurance policy that will fit both your needs and your budget. To learn more about our all-inclusive sports league insurance policy, call Westpoint Insurance, today, at: (800) 318-7709 for a FREE sports insurance quote!

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