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The LA Marathon (formerly the City of Los Angeles Marathon) is a yearly marathon that is held each spring in Los Angeles, California. The 26.219 mile footrace was inspired by the success of the 1984 Summer Olympic Games. Interestingly, the Los Angeles Marathon has been contested every year since 1986. In 1987, six students from Boyle Heights High School in East Los Angeles enrolled in a marathon training program taught by teacher Harry Shabazian. The Los Angeles Marathon organization has grown dramatically since its inception, and it continues to be run by students today. In fact, thousands of students from throughout the Los Angeles Unified School District participate in the six-month program that promotes physical fitness, discipline and goal setting. However, as with any running sport, marathon running is a without a doubt a demanding endurance challenge. That is the reason why Los Angeles Marathon runners are going to want to have the finest Los Angeles Marathon Insurance available from the Westpoint Insurance. The best method to dealing with marathon injuries is to prevent them before they occur. But, accident can and do happen, and that is when you are going to be happy to be covered by Westpoint Insurance.

Los Angeles Marathon Insurance Policy

Westpoint Insurance’s experienced team will customize the finest Los Angeles Marathon Insurance that will fit all of your insurance needs at a price you can afford! We stress customer service by endeavoring to maintain enduring, mutually advantageous relationships with our customers. Westpoint Insurance strives to assist its clients to create the most suitable comprehensive Los Angeles Marathon Insurance to give your marathon participants, sponsors, coaches, and volunteers the coverage they need and the peace of mind you deserve! The last thing you want to experience is devastating financial loss by not being protected by Westpoint Insurance. We have an array of insurance plans that will prevent any personal loss due to any injuries or accidents. Our General Liability and Accident Medical policies are designed to cover the basics of your Los Angeles Marathon team. As the leading independent insurance brokers in the nation, Westpoint Insurance is your direct link to the insurance industry helping you select the insurance coverage to fit the needs and criteria for your Los Angeles Marathon risks. To discover more about what we can do to help you in obtaining the appropriate policy for your Los Angeles Marathon participants, give Westpoint Insurancea call today, at: (800) 318-7709!

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