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Westpoint Insurance has merged with Webb Insurance Group and now offering Life Insurance.
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Purchasing life insurance is an important part of financial planning, and is crucial for the security of your loved ones after you pass. There are several types of policies, including one that allows you to access the benefits of the policy while you are still living. Talk to a personal advisor to determine which policy is right for your family.

Life Insurance

Unexpected loss isn’t part of anyone’s personal plans, but it should be considered in your financial plans. Life insurance Policies offer a death benefit protection, a key component of any sound financial planning.

Disability Insurance

With disability insurance, individuals can supplement their incomes in the event that an illness or injury renders them incapable of working. At Webb, we offer options for both short and long-term disability, as well as various policies tailored to your financial and lifestyle needs.

Long-term Care Insurance

With healthcare costs on the rise, Long-Term Care Insurance is becoming increasingly important, as it helps pay for the care you need when you can no longer care for yourself. At Webb Financial, we offer a variety of long-term care plans to help you take control of your medical future.

We maintain excellent relationships with dozens of insurance carriers and secure the best possible premium for your life and disability coverage needs.

It felt like Webb Insurance is your partner and not a vendor. They’re accessible, reliable, and follow through.

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Protect Your Loved Ones with Life Insurance

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    Life insurance is a type of policy that provides financial loss resulting from the premature death of the person covered by the policy. The proceeds of the life insurance policy are received by the beneficiary named in the policy. The life insurer will pay the death benefit in exchange for premium payments which were paid by the insured. A life insurance policy contains three primary components. Those components are a premium payment, a death benefit, and a cash value account, in the case of permanent life insurance. Different types of life insurance policies are available to suit the specific needs of the insured. Among them is a variable life insurance policy, which is a type of permanent life insurance. With this type of life insurance policy, permanent protection is granted to the beneficiary following the death of the policyholder. Universal life insurance is a blend of term insurance along with an interest-bearing account.