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Kick Ball Insurance

Kick Ball Insurance

Kick Ball, also known as Soccer-Baseball, Kick Baseball, Base Soccer, Foot-Base or Soccer-Base, is historically known as a playground game and league game, similar to baseball, that was invented in the United States during the first half of the 20th Century. Players kick the ball, rather than bat the ball, and the teams alternate innings much like they do in baseball. Players run the bases to score runs as in baseball. Kick Ball is an extremely popular sport for young, school-age children. Nicholas C. Seuss, the Cincinnati Park Playgrounds Supervisor, is credited as inventing the Kick Ball game in 1917. It soon caught on in the public schools across America as a means in which to teach youngsters the basics of baseball. Kick Ball’s popularity has grown among the youth in other countries, especially in South Korea, where it is referred to as Balyagu. In Canada, Kick Ball is called Soccer-Baseball, and in Japan, it is known as Kickbase. Spaniards know the sport as either Beisbol Pie or Viesbol Pie, both which mean Foot Baseball. In Great Britain, the sport is similar to the well-known English game of Rounders. In Latin America, Kick Ball is played exclusively by women. Although not regarded as particularly “high risk” sport, Kick Ball players have been known to sustain a number of injuries. Some of the most common injuries are the result of sports which have spurts of acceleration such as Kick Ball. Quadriceps strains are some of the customary injuries that occur. Even though it is difficult to avoid some injuries, many can be avoided by engaging in a proper “warm-up” prior to playing Kick Ball. Regular strengthening and stretching exercises condition the muscles to help players reduce the likelihood of injury from playing Kick Ball.

Kick Ball Team Insurance

When injuries do occur, you are going to want to be protected by a Westpoint Insurance policy. As a family-owned and operated national insurance agency with its headquarters in Chicago Ridge, Illinois, Westpoint Insurance has logged in more than 30 years of professional experience in the insurance industry. We are capable of customizing a comprehensive insurance plan for your Kick Ball players, coaches, facility and all involved personnel, including volunteers, for an affordable rate. Westpoint Insurance works for you – the consumer – not the insurance company. We have your best interests in mind. As an independent agent, we will ensure that your insurance policy is current, competitive and flawless. Westpoint Insurance utilizes only the finest, A-rated insurance companies to provide the kind of financial know-how to support your Kick Ball sport risks.

Kick Ball League Insurance

Regardless of your involvement in the sport of Kick Ball, Westpoint Insurance you can always depend upon the highly-skilled and experienced staff of experts at Westpoint Insurance to guarantee your insurance coverage corresponds to your particular insurance needs and budget. Our talented and capable team of underwriters has done the due diligence and research required to understand all the risks involved in the sport of Kick Ball. With Westpoint Insurance behind you, you can relax in the knowledge that we are providing you with the coverage you need and the peace of mind you deserve! We pride ourselves in our exceptional, long-lived relationships with our customers, so call us today so we can begin helping you with your Kick Ball insurance!

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