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Judo Class Insurance

Judo is a modern martial art, created in Japan in 1882 by Jigoro Kano. It means “gentle way,” and it is both a combat sport and Olympic sport. Judo’s most significant feature is its highly competitive element, where the goal is to either throw or takedown an opponent, immobilize or otherwise subdue an opponent, or force an opponent to submit with a joint lock or a choke. Both striking and thrusting movements of the hands and feet, as well as with weapons, are a part of Judo, but only in prearranged forms (called kata) and these actions are not allowed in Judo competition or free practice (called randori). As a full contact combat sport, Judo has a considerable risk of injury. It is important that participants know there is the possibility of injury. The most common Judo injuries are usually minor cuts and bruises which are fairly unavoidable but are not serious. Muscle strains often occur in Judo when participants do not warm-up properly. Broken fingers, toes, sprains, and knee, neck and shoulder injuries are all quite common in Judo. Most Judo Schools see the benefits to having good insurance for the sake of their school, the owner, the management, the students, staff, instructors and volunteers. That is why most Judo Schools have their Judo School Insurance through Westpoint Insurance. We are widely recognized as providing the best protection in the area of Judo School Insurance.

Judo Instructor Insurance

In the event that you operate a Judo School, you are going to want to ensure that everyone associated with your school is protected with the best insurance Judo School Insurance from Westpoint Insurance. Amateur youth and adult sports insurance for teams, leagues and associations is our specialty! Like the other martial arts that Westpoint Insurance insures, Judo involves physical combat. We believe that any sport which deals with physical combat has a greater tendency to see more injuries. That is one of the essentials to you getting the Judo School Insurance protection available. For over three decades, Westpoint Insurance has been the insurance agency of choice for Judo Schools. You can rely upon Westpoint Insurance to make sure that your Judo School Insurance policy is as unique as your school is. Furthermore, you also will only pay for the Judo School Insurance policy that suits your school to a “T” rather than paying for a policy that has nothing to do with your specific situation!

Judo Studio Liabilty Insurance

Don’t waste any time in making sure your Judo School is covered by the appropriate Judo School Insurance policy from Westpoint Insurance. Our capable and competent staff and underwriters have performed the required examination and research to fully understand all the potential risks involved in operating a Judo School. You can depend on Westpoint Insurance to give you the kind of Judo School Insurance that will provide your group with the coverage it needs and the peace of mind you deserve. To find out more about how Westpoint Insurance can best serve Judo School Insurance needs, give our offices a call today. You will be glad that you did.

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