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Irish Dancing Class Insurance

Irish Dance Studio Insurance

Irish Dance became popular world-wide in 1994 with the advent of the celebrated performances by Riverdance. Known for its quick, precise movements of the feet and legs with the dancer maintaining a stationary upper body and arms, Irish Dance is a very competitive dance routine. It is composed largely of solo dances, but stepdancers also compete and perform using céilí dances. Céilí dances are based on heys (pairs of lines facing), round dances, long dances and quadrilles. A céilí dance may be performed with as few as two people and as many as sixteen. The majority of dancing injuries in Irish Dance are caused by overuse as opposed to any sort of trauma. Common injuries include: ankle sprains, Achilles tendinopathy, shin splints, and lower back pain. The majority of Irish Dance injuries were to the lower extremities. Stress fractures occur more often than other injuries. In fact, Irish Dance has jumps which require a considerable amount of core and lower extremity strength and stability. Further, it is known that as the level of competition increases and the number of hours practiced increases, so do the number of injuries! Consequently, Irish Dance Studios need the kind of insurance that only Westpoint Insurance is able to provide!

Scottish Dance Studio Insurance

Just like Irish Dance, Scottish Dance, particularly Scottish Highland Dance, can bring about injuries. Scottish Highland Dance is known for its athletic solo dancing which developed in the Gaelic Highlands of Scotland. It requires an enormous amount of stamina and arm and leg strength. As a highly competitive and technical dance form, Scottish Highland Dance requires many hours of practice and training over a period of several years to perfect. And, that means that Scottish Dance Studios are also going to require the awesome coverage for their dancers, their instructors, their volunteers and their owners that only Westpoint Insurance can provide! Regardless, if you are involved in Irish Dance or Scottish Dance, it is important that you are covered by the finest Irish Dance and Scottish Dance Studio Insurance available. No matter what kind of dance you are involved in, dancers risk the possibility of injury from executing rapid footwork and jumps. That’s why Irish Dance and Scottish Dance Studios are faithful clients of Westpoint Insurance. They are intimately aware that Westpoint Insurance’s rivals are unable to match Westpoint Insurance in the categories of unique and affordable Irish Dance and Scottish Dance Studio Insurance.

Irish Dance Class Insurance

When Irish Dance and Scottish Dance Studios contact Westpoint Insurance’ agents, they know we will design a customized policy that suits all their needs. Westpoint Insurance understands that no two Dance Studios are alike, which is why no two policies should be alike, either! Westpoint Insurance offers individualized policy solutions to unique dance studios such as Irish Dance and Scottish Dance Studios. Besides that, our clients only pay for the policy created specifically for them – never for coverage they don’t need! Westpoint Insurance works in tandem with its Irish Dance and Scottish Dance Studio clients to develop a unique insurance policy based upon their specifications. To learn more about Westpoint Insurance’s Irish Dance and Scottish Dance Studio insurance, give us a call today.