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Haunted House, Hayride and Pumpkin Patch Insurance

Haunted House Insurance

Stores are already putting out Halloween items; and, before you know it, Halloween will be upon us! Civic groups, clubs and organizations, not to mention schools and church groups will be hosting Haunted Houses, Hayrides and visits to the Pumpkin Patch!! These are all great ways to raise money for good causes and for your youth groups at school and church or 4-H groups or Girl Scout and Boy Scout Troops to have a great time! Naturally, you want to ensure they have a good time protected by the best insurance provided by Westpoint Insurance. We specialize in “Special Events Insurance.” Westpoint Insurance’s “Special Events Accident & Liability Insurance” is specifically created to eliminate the financial obligation you can incur as the direct result of expensive medical bill or civil litigation. Westpoint Insurance is able to customize accident and liability policies for your special event – whether it is that particularly spooky Haunted House, a fun-filled Hayride or looking for the “Giant Pumpkin” in a Pumpkin Patch!

Hayride Insurance

Some of the most prevalent injuries in a Haunted House are committed against the employees of the Haunted House. Frightened customers have been known to punch employees in the nose or bite them. Occasionally, customers faint from fright. In Hayrides, the most frequent injuries sustained are from falling off the rack. Customers have been run over by the rack and some have been run over by the tractor pulling the Hayride. Injuries range from minor to serious to death. Naturally, if you are a group hosting a Hayride, you are going to want to be covered by insurance from Westpoint Insurance. Lastly, Pumpkin Patch don’t exactly conjure up the idea of injuries, but injuries can happen in a Pumpkin Patch. Remember, many families visit a Pumpkin Patch in the evenings. It is harder to see where you are going and more difficult to navigate the Pumpkin Patch. This is when people trip over clods of dirt, pumpkins and their vines. They can actually sprain or break a bone in the process.

Pumpkin Patch Insurance

As a family-owned and operated insurance agency providing coverage throughout the 50 states, for more than 30 years, no one has more know-how when it comes to “Special Events Accident & Liability Insurance” than the professionals at Westpoint Insurance. We are perfectly capable of protecting you, your business and participants with the best insurance in the industry! Throughout the decades, we have been most judicious insurance providers and Westpoint Insurance can assure our customers that their Haunted Houses, Hayrides and Pumpkin Patch insurance policies will not only meet their expectations, but will actually exceed them at a price they can afford! Insuring your Haunted Houses, Hayrides and Pumpkin Patch shouldn’t have to be a nerve-wracking situation – not as long as you purchase your insurance from Westpoint Insurance! We can make it a hassle-free experience. You can count on Westpoint Insurance to construct a comprehensive insurance program for you that will meet all your specifications. To find out more about “Special Events Accident & Liability Insurance,” call us today.