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Hapkido Class Insurance

Hapkido is a relatively dynamic and diverse Korean martial art. It is a form of self-defense that includes the techniques of other martial arts as well as joint locks, punches, kicks and use of traditional weapons. Hapkido is a very physical sport that also has aspects of long- and close-range fighting techniques, jumping kicks, pressure point strikes, throws, circular motion and non-resisting movements. On the “hard” and “soft” techniques of martial arts, Hapkido is located somewhere in the middle, using the “soft” techniques similar to what is seen in Jujutsu and  Aikido, as well as the “hard” techniques found in Taekwondo and Tang soo do. However, even the “hard” techniques emphasize circular rather than linear movements. Hapkido is more of an eclectic, hybrid martial art, and different Hapkido Schools stress different techniques. Nonetheless, as with any martial art, Hapkido has its share of injuries. Naturally, if you are operating a Hapkido School, it will make perfect sense for you to have the most comprehensive Hapkido School Insurance policy from Westpoint Insurance to cover you, your employees, staff, volunteers and students involved in your Hapkido School program.

Hapkido Instructor Insurance

Westpoint Insurance excels in amateur youth and adult sports insurance for schools, teams, leagues and associations. Like the other martial arts schools that Westpoint Insurance insures, physical combat is involved in a Hapkido School. Any sport which deals with physical competitions has a greater chance of injuries occurring, so it is essential that you get the best Hapkido School Insurance protection. You are definitely going to want to go with a company like Westpoint Insurance that will design a policy specifically for your Hapkido School. Not just any insurance will suffice! For more than 30 years, Westpoint Insurance has been the insurance agency of choice for Hapkido Schools. And, because no two Hapkido Schools are alike, Westpoint Insurance will make certain that your Hapkido School Insurance policy is unique to your school. You will also only pay for the Hapkido School Insurance policy that suits your school – nothing more – nothing less!

Hapkido Studio Liabilty Insurance

When you are looking for the most complete and total coverage for your Hapkido School, the only name you need to know is Westpoint Insurance! Westpoint Insurance’s capable and competent staff and underwriters have performed the necessary due diligence and research to fully understand all the potential risks involved in operating a Hapkido School. You can count on Westpoint Insurance to deliver the kind of insurance that will give your Hapkido School the coverage it needs and the peace of mind you are entitled to having. To find out more about how Westpoint Insurance can best serve your Hapkido School’s Insurance needs, give Westpoint Insurance’s offices a call today. You will be glad you did!

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