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Food and Drink Vendor Insurance

Accident Medical and General Liability Food and Drink Vendor Insurance

Summertime is when many food festivals are held outdoors throughout the United States. In fact, the world’s largest food fest, “Taste of Chicago,” is held each year in Grant Park in mid-July. Whether you are a vendor who operates a food or beverage cart at an outdoor event or you are one of the featured vendors at “Taste of Chicago,” you are definitely going to want to have the best Food and Drink Vendor Insurance from Westpoint Insurance. With right around three million participants, no vendor can afford to be without insurance. In fact, in 2007, for the first time ever, “Taste of Chicago” suffered a salmonella outbreak that affected more than 700 people and led to the hospitalization of 12 people. A foodborne illness is caused by contaminated food you eat, and although America’s food supply is considered to be the safest in the world, millions of people are affected by foodborne illnesses. The Center for Disease Control claims that foodborne illnesses cause approximately 76 million cases of illnesses, 325,000 hospitalizations, and 5,000 deaths in the United States each year.  Westpoint Insurance provides customized Food and Drink Vendor Insurance for vendors who operate at outdoor events and food festivals.

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Westpoint Insurance’s Food and Drink Vendor Insurance provides critical liability protection for vendors and their businesses protecting them from the liability claims resulting from foodborne illnesses and any other accidents, including physical injury and property damage claims that may occur. Westpoint Insurance is a family-owned and operated insurance agency located in Chicago Ridge, Illinois that has been serving vendors throughout the country for over three decades. They deliver comprehensive Food and Drink Vendor Insurance policies at affordable rates. The time to look into Food and Drink Vendor Insurance from Westpoint Insurance is right now! You don’t want to put off contacting us until after you have already set up your display. That is too late. By securing your Food and Drink Vendor Insurance from Westpoint Insurance before setting up your booth, you will be able to concentrate on selling your food and drink and, at the same time, be profitable and enjoy your business enterprise without having to worry about possibly being put out of business by an injury claim!

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The agents at Westpoint Insurance are anxious to help you with the best, all inclusive Food and Drink Vendor Insurance policy so you will be completely covered with the protection you need and the peace of mind you deserve. Besides, Westpoint Insurance will tailor an individual quote and give you higher limits or extra coverage as required, in order to meet your precise needs. When it comes to Food and Drink Vendor Insurance, no one has the same capabilities as Westpoint Insurance does. Isn’t it time you picked up the phone and gave Westpoint Insurance a call about your Food and Drink Vendor Insurance policy needs, today?