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Flag Football Insurance

Flag Football Insurance

The basic rules to Flag Football are essentially the same as “tackle” football except instead of tackling players to the ground; the defensive team removes a flag from the ball carrier’s belt. Flag Football has a strong national and international following. It can be played by both males and females and coed. In addition, Flag Football is popular with grade school students all the way up to university students. Further, it has been very popular with members of the armed forces. Much of Flag Football’s increased popularity has had to do with the increased incidence of serious to life-threatening injuries found in tackle football. In a 10 year study conducted by the Air Force from 1993 – 2002 of football injuries, the leading cause of injuries (42%) was determined to be due to contact with another player. Second to that involved slips, trips and falls, and even some concussions, which occurred during running. Lower extremities, including legs, knees and ankles, and even some concussions, account for 50% of the injuries. Plus, fractures are involved in the biggest percentage of these injuries. So, why would you want to proceed without the kind of protection Westpoint Insurance has to offer? We are known as the best sports insurance providers in the country. We know what we are doing and we know how to customize a policy that will fit your group to a “T.”

Flag Football Team Insurance

Serving communities throughout the nation for more than 30 years, Westpoint Insurance’s agents possess the proficiency and experience to understand all the hazards participants, schools, sports clubs and personnel involved in Flag Football encounter. Our comprehensive insurance plan is developed to offer you the coverage you need and the peace of mind you ought to have. Westpoint Insurance’s specialty is sports insurance for teams, leagues and sporting associations. That’s why you can count on Westpoint Insurance to provide your Flag Football program the financial protection it should have. Our team of expert agents will collaborate with you to design the most fitting suitable insurance for you and all your Flag Football participants, coaches, staff and facilities. Westpoint Insurance has been helping insure sports teams and players and all who involved in the sport for more than three decades.

Flag Football League Insurance

When you decide to invest in sports insurance for your Flag Football program, give the people at Westpoint Insurance a call. With all the possibilities of injury that is involved in Flag Football, don’t get caught without a comprehensive insurance program. Uninsured programs can be financially ruined if someone is seriously injured as a result of the sport. So, you certainly don’t want to risk allowing some unreliable insurance company to sell you a policy that won’t protect you properly or deliver in the event you need it. It’s high time to call Westpoint Insurance to get the insurance for your Flag Football that meets your requirements and is affordable.

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