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Figure Skating Insurance

Figure Skating Competition Insurance

Figure Skating refers to an Olympic sport in which individuals, pairs or groups perform on ice skates. Figure Skating holds competition from the beginner level all the way to the Olympic level. It is an official event at the Winter Olympic Games and it has been since 1924. For the years of 1908 and 1920, Figure Skating was a part of the Summer Olympics. Not only is Figure Skating linked with the Olympics as well as other competition, but Figure Skating is associated with show business. Many skaters perform in non-competitive programs after their competitive careers. Figure Skating involves a great deal of stress on the skaters’ muscles, bones and joints, and as a result, injuries can occur. Falls can also cause injuries, however slight, which are mainly bruising. But, when Figure Skating involves falls while performing lifts, jumps, spins and twists, injuries can be more extensive. Concussions can occur and so can sprains and fractures. Other injuries can result in skaters requiring knee replacement surgery and hip replacement surgery. As more physically demanding maneuvers are expected of skaters in Figure Skating competition, the increased stress for audience-pleasing performances, causes more injuries. It’s no wonder that Figure Skating participants are looking into getting the finest insurance available. That’s why they are drawn to Westpoint Insurance.

Figure Skating Team Insurance

Westpoint Insurance is recognized as the leading family-owned and operated sports insurance agency headquartered in Chicagoland that provides insurance coverage in all 50 states. We are the agency that has the experience and background necessary when you are looking for a tailored insurance policy plan for Figure Skating. With a 32 year and counting performance record of custom-designing a sports insurance policy to meet your needs, Westpoint Insurance will protect you, your Figure Skating participants and any staff members and volunteers with the best insurance in the industry! We are well-known for having done our due diligence and Westpoint Insurance will not only meet your Figure Skating insurance’s expectations, but we will actually exceed them at an affordable price! It shouldn’t have to be a major aggravation to get the best insurance for your Figure Skating activities! In fact, it’s high time you regard purchasing Figure Skating insurance as the best investment you can make! Westpoint Insurance is where you want to go to find the premiere insurance coverage for your Figure Skating sport events.

Figure Skating Rink Insurance

Figure Skating brings a great deal of personal satisfaction to its participants, as well as providing them with multiple opportunities to grow as athletes. Figure Skating is important to many individuals and it provides a great deal of value to all who enjoy the sport. Westpoint Insurance endeavors to promote and preserve Figure Skating as being a safe sporting experience for all participants and personnel involved. This means that you are going to be looking to find the best insurance at an affordable price. Isn’t it time for you to contact Westpoint Insurance to protect your Figure Skating participants from the expense that injuries can cause them while involved with the sport. To learn more about how Westpoint Insurance can assist you in designing the perfect Figure Skating insurance for you, call us today.

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