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Field Hockey Insurance

Field Hockey Insurance

Field Hockey is a team sport whereby a team of players attempts to score goals by pushing, hitting or flicking a ball with a stick into the opposing team’s goal. Field Hockey is recognized by most as the precursor to baseball and other stick and ball games. Also referred to as “hockey,” Field Hockey is used to differentiate it from ice hockey, street hockey or roller hockey. Field Hockey is played throughout the world by both men and women, and the sport is governed by the International Hockey Federation. Most notably, Field Hockey is an Olympic sport and was played in the Olympics in 1908, 1920 and since 1928 to the present. A version of Field Hockey was originally played in Ancient Greece in 200 BC, as was a similar game played in East Asia prior to 300 BC. Further, the Daur people in Inner Mongolia, China, have been playing Beikou, a game similar to Field Hockey, for around 1,000 years. The modern Field Hockey game played today grew out of English public schools in the early 19th Century. Participation is fairly evenly balanced between men and women with the exception of North America where it is largely made up of male participants. As with many sports, Field Hockey is known for having many potentially serious injuries – particularly injuries resulting from being struck by the stick or the ball. The majority of injuries are to the face, the players’ faces or the lower limbs. Although injuries to the eyes are not the most common, when they do occur, they are likely to be very severe. As a direct result, it is typical for parents of youth involved in Field Hockey, to invest in Westpoint Insurance

Field Hockey Team Insurance

When one understands that a Field Hockey ball is made of hard plastic and weighs between 5.5 and 6 ounces, and, when struck with the stick, it can travel at up to 100 mph. No matter how you are involved in the sport of Field Hockey, you can rely upon the highly qualified staff of professionals at Westpoint Insurance to assist you in ensuring that your insurance coverage matches your specific insurance needs and budget. You want to be certain that your Field Hockey participants are fully protected in the event anything unforeseen occurs. Westpoint Insurance has created the kind of specific insurance that will provide your Field Hockey team in a comprehensive program so that they will have the appropriate coverage they need and you will have the satisfaction of knowing they are safeguarded if the unpredicted happens. Westpoint Insurance will customize a plan that will be designed to meet the basic requirements of your Field Hockey players at an affordable price!

Field Hockey League Insurance

In addition to your Field Hockey players, your Westpoint Insurance policy will cover staff members, coaches and volunteers. We guarantee that covered activities include all supervised and sponsored Field Hockey activities under the direct guidance of a team official, as well as all Field Hockey functions such as meetings, banquets, fundraisers and other similar events. You can always count on Westpoint Insurance to eliminate all the hassle by purchasing the finest, tailor-made Field Hockey insurance. To determine how Westpoint Insurance can best protect your Field Hockey participants, call us today so that we can construct a policy that will give you the security you have been lacking.

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