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Fencing Insurance

Fencing Tournament Insurance

Fencing, also called Olympic Fencing to distinguish it from Historical Fencing, is a combative sport using thrusting weapons like the Foil and Épée, and cutting weapons like the Sabre. Fencing has been featured at every one of the modern Olympic Games. Modern Fencing rules originated in Spain with the publishing of the first rule book: “Treatise on Arms.” In the 18th Century, modern Fencing changed in Italy during the Renaissance period, and then, it changed again with the influence of the French. Today, these three schools in Spain, Italy and France are the most influential in Fencing around the world. Although, Fencing is a sport found in elementary and high schools, it has a longer history with colleges and universities because they are better able to pay for the cost of the equipment. As is the case with any competitive sport, injuries do occur. Importantly, the injuries sustained during Fencing are most often minor. That is largely due to the fact that modern safety gear used in Fencing does such a good job of protecting the participants’ bodies. The most common injuries in Fencing are to the participants’ knees and ankles. These can occur as the result of chronic overuse or sudden, acute injuries. Interestingly, about half of the injuries happen during competition, and about half occur during practice exercises. Most of these injuries can either be avoided or prevented by warming up completely and learning appropriate footwork and utilizing the available safety equipment. Regardless, if you are involved in the sport of Fencing, you are still going to need to have a good insurance policy behind you.

Fencing Team Insurance

Accidents occur no matter what. And when they do, you are definitely going to want to have the best insurance backing you up. Westpoint Insurance is the place to turn to when accidents happen. We are available to help you avoid any personal loss due to your exposure to risk. Even if there is no blame on your part, the cost of defending a claim of civil liability is covered by Westpoint Insurance’s policy. Our insurance provides protection for Fencing participants, staff members, coaches and volunteers of your Fencing team, league, squad or association against claims of bodily injury liability, property damage liability and the litigation costs to defend against such claims, even if they are unsubstantiated. As independent insurance brokers, Westpoint Insurance is your connection to the commercial insurance industry that helps you to examine a broad array of insurance programs to fit the needs and exact criteria for your Fencing insurance risk.

Fencing Competition Insurance

Westpoint Insurance is distinguished nationally in the Sports Insurance field. With our 32 years of collective background and experience as underwriters, servicing and providing comprehensive Sports Accident Medical & General Liability plans, Westpoint Insurance has the most significant negotiating leverage on behalf of the risks we insure across the country. If you have been looking for the solution to your Fencing insurance questions, it’s time to contact the best in the business – Westpoint Insurance. You will discover that our quality policies, extraordinary claims services and rapid response time are the foundation of our success. Call us today and ask about the Westpoint Insurance difference! We look forward to the opportunity to serve you!

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