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Face Painting Insurance

Accident Medical and General Liability Face Painting Insurance

Face Painting is extremely popular at all kinds of events where children are involved. There are often Face Painting Game Trailers and Game Booths that turn up at malls, fairs and summer block parties. Although a relatively benign activity, there can be problems associated with Face Painting if the child receiving the make-up has an allergic reaction to the face paint. This is when the persons involved in the activity are going to want to be covered by Westpoint Insurance’s Face Painting Insurance. Furthermore, while children are anxiously awaiting their turn in line at the Game Booth, they may trip over an extension cord or an electric outlet and injure themselves. Whatever the circumstances, accidents do and can occur, and you definitely do not want to be without Face Painting Insurance. In addition, the venues where the Face Painting occurs are also at risk of any lawsuits for injuries sustained on their premises. Even if the risk of injury is slim; the fact that there is even the slightest risk should never be ignored! Not only do vendors want to protect themselves from liability, but they also want to make certain that all persons involved with the Face Painting activity, such as: volunteers, employees and assistants are also protected in the event of an accident. It is also recommended that the host facilities carry insurance to protect themselves from civil litigation.

Face Painting Insurance Policies

Westpoint Insurance only uses A-rated insurance companies as verified by A.M. Best Company. With their more than three decades of involvement in the insurance industry, Westpoint Insurance has done their due diligence and can provide its customers the expertise necessary to deliver a comprehensive policy at an affordable price. Westpoint Insurance works for YOU – the consumer; not the insurance company! Our status as an independent broker allows us to review a number of insurance markets to guarantee that your policy is current and competitive in today’s insurance market. Westpoint Insurance specializes in providing coverage, as determined by type of risk, in all 50 states throughout the nation. No one has more knowledge when it comes to Face Painting Insurance than the experts at Westpoint Insurance.

Game Booth and Summer Block Games Insurance

Westpoint Insurance has the ability to protect you, your Face Painting business and all participants with the best insurance in the industry! Westpoint Insurance can assure that our clients’ Face Painting Insurance will not only meet their expectations, but will actually exceed them at an affordable price! You can count on Westpoint Insurance to create a complete Face Painting Insurance policy for you that will satisfy all your needs. If you are interested in knowing how Westpoint Insurance’s Face Painting Insurance can save you in pain, suffering and money, call us today. You will be glad you did.