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Exhibitor Insurance

Accident Medical and General Liability Insurance

If you are an exhibitor and you are in charge of and staff an exhibit booth, don’t wait until it’s too late before you look into Exhibitor Insurance! When it comes to understanding the Exhibitor Insurance needs of companies and individuals who are exhibitors and involved in demonstrating products and services at trade shows, fairs, malls, conventions and festivals throughout the country, Westpoint Insurance is the company that can provide you with the answers. Westpoint Insurance offers exhibitors the most practical and affordable solution for exhibitors who are looking for Exhibitor Insurance. Exhibitor Insurance may appear to be an insignificant issue, but promoters and organizers take it seriously. That’s because if someone is physically injured by tripping over an exposed cable at your site or suffers from an allergic reaction to your product, not only are you, as exhibitor, liable for these accidents, but so will be the venue owners and event organizers and promoters! Westpoint Insurance‘s Exhibitor Insurance will make sure you are appropriately protected. Also, Westpoint Insurance also offers policies that will also cover and protect the event venue, promoters and organizers. They are responsible for their own insurance protection, as you are, so make sure you get your policy, and recommend to them that they consider Westpoint Insurance for their protection.

Trade Show Exhibitor Insurance

Westpoint Insurance Exhibitors are no different than other business owners – they need Exhibitor Insurance without exception! Further, no one can provide you with the specific tailor-made policies like Westpoint Insurance can. Risk taking when it involves deciding not to purchase Exhibitor Insurance is not only foolish; it’s downright dangerous! Who do you imagine will pay for that unfortunate soul who trips over an electric floor outlet at your exhibit? You do! The public is more and more cognizant of their legal rights and your responsibilities as an exhibitor. Never before have injured persons been so willing to take a party to task for loss or damage they caused! In fact, not having Exhibitor Insurance can financially ruin or bankrupt the responsible party. That is why Westpoint Insurance is here to assist exhibitors steer clear of any personal loss. And, in the event you are brought to trial and determined to be blameless, the cost of defending the claim can bring you to your knees! However, you will be pleased to learn that Westpoint Insurance‘s Exhibitor Insurance policy covers the cost of your defense.

Exhibitor Booth Insurance

Westpoint Insurance agents are standing by to help craft you the best and most comprehensive Exhibitor Insurance policy so you will be protected with the coverage you need and the peace of mind you should have. Westpoint Insurance’s policies have been designed to be comprised of the essentials of Exhibitor Insurance. Additionally, we will construct a personalized quote; provide higher limits or supplementary coverage as required, in order to meet your specific needs. Never forget that Westpoint Insurance, works for YOU; we do NOT work for the insurance companies! When it comes to Exhibitor Insurance, no one has the same background and experience that Westpoint Insurance has. It’s time you give us a call and allow the experienced agents at Westpoint Insurance draft the Exhibitor Insurancecons coverage you need today!