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Event Cancellation

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Your event has booked for months, everything is in place, the caterer is ready and the menu is set and the string quartet is reserved – but adverse weather has destroyed the venue and your event has been turned on its head! Thank goodness you invested in Event Cancellation Insurance! If you didn’t have the foresight to contact Westpoint Insurance, you’d be up a creek without a paddle. Coverage for the loss of revenue or expenses due to event cancellation brought about by inclement weather conditions happens more than you imagine. Regardless of how carefully you have prepared for your big day, some things are simply beyond your control. If the event cannot go on, there can be enormous and costly consequences. This is when you are going to appreciate the excellent attention Westpoint Insurance pays to all of its clients’ for their Event Cancellation Insurance. Our insurance protects your investments from the ravages of catastrophic weather. Determining whether you should consider investing in Event Cancellation Insurance depends upon how important an event is to you or your corporation financially. If you were planning on hosting a small, intimate event, you probably don’t need to insure, but if it is a major event with a great deal of planning and preparation and for a large number of attendees, then you had better consider Event Cancellation Insurance!

Event Cancellation Policy

Westpoint Insurance’s Event Cancellation Insurance covers your non-reimbursable expenses and non-refundable deposits in the likelihood you have to cancel or delay your event due to unexpected circumstances such as extreme weather. Westpoint Insurance is on board to help you downsize all those unforeseen losses you experienced as a result of bad weather conditions. Event Cancellation Insurance is purposely intended for individuals who get caught in a bad situation when weather deals them a bad hand. Their coverage provides protection for the event for any claims which might arise due to the cancellation brought on by the forces of nature. Westpoint Insurance is well-known for giving clients the essential service and the most affordable coverage.

Cancelled Event Insurance

Westpoint Insurance has been serving the needs of its Event Cancellation Insurance clients as a family-owned, national agency located in Chicago Ridge, Illinois for more than 30 years. Our professional agents undertake to provide the most cost-effective policies for our clients. We have decades of experience in helping offer our clientele the industry’s maximum level of protection! The types of problems that bring about postponement, cancellation or relocation of an event are completely out of the planner’s control. For the kind of Event Cancellation Insurance coverage needed to protect financial exposure, it’s time to call the professionals at Westpoint Insurance, today.