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Entertainers & Performers Insurance

Accident Medical and General Liability Insurance

Surprisingly, many Entertainers and Performers don’t have any idea that they have certain responsibilities and liabilities at their workplaces. Furthermore, numerous entertainment agents and employers do not realize that they need to take out certain types of insurance. Entertainers and Performers Insurance is specifically designed for individuals who usually work on an independent contractor basis. Coverage provided by Westpoint Insurance under Entertainers and Performers Insurance program includes liability protection for the performer for any claims which might arise. Entertainers and Performers can be clowns, magicians, singers or puppeteers who often interact with the audience. As a consequence, this interaction can come with additional liability contact which may result in an accidental injury to an audience member or a participant.  This is the reason that Westpoint Insurance has been specifically developed for Entertainers and Performers who are independent contractors.  The coverage includes protection for the Entertainers and Performers for liability and property damage claims. Westpoint Insurance provides its clients the ultimate service and gives them the best and most affordable coverage. Not only do we take the opportunity to properly examine our clients’ situation, but we make sure that the Entertainers and Performers policies fit their risks.

Entertainers Insurance

Westpoint Insurance has been brokering insurance for more than 30 years. We consistently go beyond the call of duty to help our clients. Not only that, but Westpoint Insurance is well-known for its customer satisfaction. Whether you are already a customer of ours, or if you are shopping for lower premiums for Entertainers and Performers Insurance, Westpoint Insurance is here to help you! Purchasing the appropriate Entertainers and Performers Insurance coverage for the right price is critical for Entertainers and Performers. Westpoint Insurance knows what you require to meet your needs. We know that liability problems can be a source of irritation if you are not properly protected by Westpoint Insurance’s Entertainers and Performers Insurance. We strive to deliver the finest insurance to our clients in the entertainment industry and to foster the best work-relationships founded on trustworthiness and integrity. Now is the time to check out the best available Entertainers and Performers Insurance.

Performers Insurance

As a family-owned, national agency located in Chicago Ridge, Illinois, Westpoint Insurance has been meeting the needs of Entertainers and Performers throughout the United States for over 30 years. Our agents endeavor to offer the most affordable policies for our clients. We are recognized for providing the insurance industry’s highest level of protection! In addition, Westpoint Insurance has the reputation for giving our customers the most sound advice and highest quality products. More importantly, Westpoint Insurance works for the consumer, not the insurance company, and our standing as an independent agency allows us to study a number of insurance markets to guarantee your Entertainers and Performers policy is current and competitive in today’s industry. Our A-rated insurance companies provide the financial strength to support any risks. To find out about Entertainers and Performers Insurance, call us today!