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Cross Country Insurance

Cross Country Meet Insurance

Cross Country is a running sport whereby the participants run a race over open terrain – about 2.5 to 7.5 miles – on surfaces of grass, woodland, open roads and gravel roads. Both men and women, individuals and teams of all ages compete in Cross Country. The actual Cross Country sport dates all the way to prehistoric times. But, the rules and traditions are from Great Britain, which hosted the first English championship in 1876. Research shows that one in three women who are Cross Country runners has suffered tendonitis of the knees, shin splints, ankle sprains and stress fractures of the leg. Multiple studies also support that girls’ Cross Country has the highest rate of injuries of any high school sport, including football. Certainly, if you are running a Cross Country program in a sports club or school, you are definitely going to want to invest in the top sports insurance – Westpoint Insurance! Cross Country has been around for a long time. Participants who have ever participated in the sport of Cross Country intimately know the hazards of the sport of Cross Country. If you are a coach or a teacher in charge of a Cross Country program, take time to look over what Westpoint Insurance has to offer you, your program, your participants and your employees. Just make sure that you never get caught without a Westpoint Insurance policy that protects everyone involved.

Cross Country League Insurance

Westpoint Insurance continues to serve all 50 states in the nation as it has done for more than 30 years. Our staff has the knowledge and background to fully understand all the hazards encountered by runners, schools, sports clubs and the personnel involved in a Cross Country program. This is why we have been able to construct a comprehensive insurance plan for you that offers the coverage you need and the peace of mind you deserve. Westpoint Insurance’s expertise is in sports insurance for teams, leagues and sporting associations. You can rely upon Westpoint Insurance to give your Cross Country program the financial support to protect you and everyone involved in the program. Westpoint Insurance’s policies are customizes to your specifications and your budget. When you permit our group of experts to work with you to develop the most suitable insurance for you, you will be pleased with our determination to satisfy our customers.

Cross Country Team Insurance

If you are involved in Cross Country, you know how critical it is for your program to be safeguarded by an excellent insurance policy. You want the company that specializes in sports insurance. You want Westpoint Insurance to craft the best Cross Country policy that will meet all your expectations as well as satisfying your budget! Call today and ask Westpoint Insurance’s agents about our Cross Country sports insurance for your program.

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