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Croquet Insurance

Accident Medical and General Liability Insurance for Croquet Clubs, Events and Competitions.

Croquet is a sport that involves hitting wooden balls with a mallet through hoops or “wickets” embedded in a grass playing court. Many consider the game of croquet to have originated in France but was probably first introduced to Great Britain during the reign of Charles II. Croquet became very popular in the 1860’s. Today, there are approximately 200 croquet clubs in the United States, and many colleges and university have croquet clubs, including the University of Chicago, Penn State, Harvard University and the U.S. Naval Academy. There are also many USCA (United States Croquet Associate) affiliated clubs in major U.S. cities including New York and Chicago. Although croquet doesn’t have the kinds of injuries that can occur while participating in other more high-risk sports, there can be injuries and most of them relate to the participants’ failure to properly warm up prior to playing, or from what is frequently termed repetitive movement injuries. Regardless, if you are a club or organization that is involved in croquet tournaments, you are certainly going to want to make sure that all of your players, coaches, sponsors, volunteers, etc. are fully covered by the best croquet insurance available – Westpoint Insurance.

Croquet League Insurance

As a family-owned and operated nation-wide sports insurance agency that offers coverage in all 50 states, Westpoint Insurance possesses over 30 years of experience in the sports insurance industry! Throughout the years, we have been ensuring that our croquet clients receive the finest insurance policies that don’t just meet their expectations, but actually exceed them! Further, we are widely recognized as providing our sports’ insurance at an affordable price. Most injuries in croquet affect the hand, wrist or forearm, but a player can also experience neck and back pain. Croquet mallets weigh about 3 pounds and the balls weigh about 1 pound. With the repeated striking of a mallet against a ball, wrist injuries may occur. In addition, lifting and leaning can also cause a croquet player to develop neck or back pain and injuries. Stretching and other aerobic warm-up exercises may help. But, never continue playing in the event continues. Intense or recurring pain may be an indication that you have a herniated disc or a sprained neck muscle. Playing with a serious injury may result in a worsening condition. The bottom line is use common sense when playing croquet or any sport. If any warning signs present themselves – heed those warnings! Finally, make sure that everyone involved with your croquet program are covered by the exceptional insurance from Westpoint Insurance.

Croquet Association Insurance

Don’t run the risk of injuries without the protection of a policy from Westpoint Insurance. Also, individuals who are involved in the sport of croquet need to understand that injuries to players, club owners, volunteers, coaches, etc. can occur while the team is traveling to a tournament site. Team members and their families may experience food poisoning while at an “away” game in another community. Due to the fact that some injuries might not be caused by the sport, you are going to want to invest in an all-inclusive and comprehensive insurance plan from Westpoint Insurance. You need to contact us about obtaining the best individualized policy for croquet. We are recognized for customizing policies for reasonable prices for our croquet clients. Our policies not only include protection for the sport of croquet, but it also provides coverage for club owners, directors, instructors, employees and players against any claims of bodily injury, property damage and any litigation costs to defend against such claims. If you are searching for croquet insurance, call Westpoint Insurance today, at: (800) 318-7709.

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