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Concessionaries Insurance

Accident Medical and General Liability Insurance

A concessionaire is the person who owns a concession which is described as a business that operates under a contract or license within a certain area; such as a concession stand at a sporting event or a concession stand in a shopping mall. Westpoint Insurance provides Concessionaire Insurance to protect the concessionaire and the employees of the concession against any claims made against them. Regardless if the concession is a food stand or cart or a perfume cart or cellphone accessory cart, Westpoint Insurance has the Concessionaire Insurance required. In contrast to other insurance competitors, Westpoint Insurance’s Concessionaire Insurance is designed specifically for all the concessionaire’s needs. Westpoint Insurance’s policy will help safeguard you from any liability claims that may result from any unexpected accidents. You can count on us to design a policy just for you. We are there to ensure that if you sell food products, you will be protected from the risk of a claim for food poisoning. If someone is injured after stumbling over an extension cord from your concession cart, a concessionaire can be sued. This is why you want the kind of protection only Westpoint Insurance can provide. Westpoint Insurance policies can be tailored especially to all your needs.

Concession Stand Insurance

However unlikely it is that anyone will encounter an injury at your concession, it is never wise for concessionaire to fail to purchase Concessionaire Insurance. Accidents will happen and appropriate insurance prevents excessive financial loss. Westpoint Insurance is here to help concessionaires avoid any personal loss due to that exposure of risk. Even if it is found that there is no culpability, the cost of defending a claim of civil liability is covered by Westpoint Insurance’s policy. The agents at Westpoint Insurance are constantly striving to provide a comprehensive Concessionaire Insurance program designed to give you the needed coverage and the peace of mind you deserve. Westpoint Insurance’s general liability and accident medical policies have been developed to include the basics of Concessionaire Insurance. We are also capable of building upon this foundation with a customized quote, offering higher limits or additional coverage as required, in order to meet your risk’s specific needs.

Portable Concessions Insurance

Westpoint Insurance will deliver a comprehensive Concessionaire Insurance plan for affordable prices. At Westpoint Insurance, we work for YOU; we do NOT work for the insurance company! We will also make sure your policy is current and up-to-date in the current insurance industry. No one else has the same background and experience that Westpoint Insurance has when it comes to Concessionaire Insurance. Isn’t it time to let the experienced team from Westpoint Insurance to work with you to make sure your coverage fits your insurance needs and budget? Westpoint Insurance places a strong emphasis on exceptional customer satisfaction and prides itself in maintaining long term, mutually beneficial relationships with its clients! To find out more about Westpoint Insurance’s Concessionaire Insurance, call us today! We look forward to working you!