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Christmas Pageant Insurance

Christmas Pageant Liability Insurance

Every year countless schools and churches host Christmas Pageants. Planning for these events is begun well in advance of the “big night.” The typical program usually consists of either a reenactment of the Christmas Story or the singing of seasonal and holiday songs and carols. Post-Christmas Pageant often involves participants and their families enjoying a holiday dessert table with punch, coffee and traditional treats such as cookies, candies and cakes. There are many things that can happen during a Christmas Pageant. “Angels” have dropped from their perches; “Wise Men” have been bitten by the animals surrounding the crèche. Chorus members can be hurt when a riser collapses. Attendees can choke on a piece of candy from the holiday dessert table. These are all good reasons for schools and churches and other sponsors to look into insurance for their Christmas Pageant programs. Westpoint Insurance is known for offering the finest Special Events Accident & Liability Insurance Coverage available. Purchasing Westpoint Insurance is a move in the right direction and it goes to the argument of an “ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Without proper protection, you, your school, church or civic group can sustain extremely expensive medical costs or expensive litigation when someone is injured during you Christmas Pageant. The last thing you want to do is to leave yourself wide open for costly litigation. That’s why you need to examine the benefits of having Westpoint Insurance customize a Christmas Pageant insurance policy specifically for you and your group.

Xmas Pageant Insurance

Our experienced team at Westpoint Insurance will work with you to make sure your coverage fits both your insurance needs and your budget! You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the way we place a strong emphasis on exceptional customer service and pride ourselves in maintaining long term, mutually beneficial relationships with our customers! In today’s fast paced society, Westpoint Insurance knows that accidents can happen anytime, anywhere…. while you are traveling with a church group, selling vegetables at a Farmers Market or hosting a Christmas Pageant. Our special event accident and liability insurance programs are precisely designed to help eliminate the financial burden one faces as a result of costly medical bills or civil litigation. Our clients know they can trust Westpoint Insurance to work for them and not the insurance industry. That’s why our status as an independent agency makes it possible for us to review a number of insurance markets to make sure that your plan is up-to-date and competitive in today’s insurance world.

Christmas Pageant Play Insurance

Christmas Pageants requires specialized coverage developed by an agency that has the expertise needed to do it. Westpoint Insurance’s expertise is grounded in information accumulated throughout decades. No matter how “uncertain” your Christmas Pageant activity is, you will feel more self-assured knowing that your insurance policy coverage has been carefully crafted to serve all your needs and cover all your bases! For more than three decades, Westpoint Insurance has been providing exceptional coverage to our clients throughout the nation. If you are contemplating hosting a Christmas Pageant, isn’t it time you called Westpoint Insurance?

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