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Capoeira Class Insurance

Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art which combines elements of dance and music. It is believed that was developed in Brazil by the descendants of African slaves right around the 16th Century. The art of Capoeira utilizes quick and complicated moves with power, speed and leg sweeps. It is thought that Capoeira may be connected to tribal fighting called Engolo from Angola. When slavery was ended in Brazil, it eventually became necessary for the government to abolish Capoeira. This was because criminals began to use Capoeira, and the police believed that the Capoeira practitioners had an advantage over them. However, in the 1970s there emerged a new interest in the art of Capoeira, both as a martial art and as a means of exporting Brazilian culture throughout the world. Many recognize Capoeira not only as a martial art, but also as a symbol of resistance to oppression. There is certainly an element of danger inherent in Capoeira and injuries occur in the sport. The most common of all injuries associated with Capoeira are from repetitive movements and their effects upon the knee, ligament injuries, ACL and PCL injuries, wrist sprains, tendonitis, groin pulls or rotator cuff injuries. With the number of injuries associated with Capoeira, it is suggested that Capoeira programs invest in Westpoint Insurance coverage for all their employees, staff, volunteers and their students.

Capoeira Instructor Insurance

Westpoint Insurance is recognized as providing the best protection in Capoeira Insurance. Like with other martial arts activities, Capoeira requires that its participants are in good shape. It is a physically demanding sport and lack of training may contribute to an increased risk of injuries. As with all sports, improper conditioning makes participants of Capoeira more susceptible to injury. So, it makes perfect sense for all Capoeira programs to carry Capoeira Insurance on everyone involved in this physical combat sport. The knowledgeable agents at Westpoint Insurance will happily accommodate you to custom design a Capoeira Insurance policy just for your specific needs. We have been developing customized insurance policies for martial arts programs for more than 30 years, and we are seen as one of the top school insurance companies in the nation. Your Capoeira program will never be able to find any other insurance company like Westpoint Insurance that will develop an insurance policy to suit all of your Capoeira specifications!

Capoeira Studio Liabilty Insurance

When you contact the experts at Westpoint Insurance, they will endeavor to create the best coverage for your Capoeira program. The last thing you want is a cookie-cutter policy for your Capoeira Insurance. Remember, the specialists at Westpoint Insurance don’t work for the insurance companies – they work for you – their clients! Our talented staff and underwriters have the expertise to design an appropriate and suitable policy for your Capoeira program. Consequently, when you get ready to let us create the best Capoeira Insurance policy for you, give us a call! You will be glad you did.

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