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Breakfast With Santa Insurance

Breakfast With Santa Insurance

Each year during the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas, many civic groups and organizations host Breakfast with Santa events. These are usually well-attended events that often are donation opportunities for church and civic groups to give money and canned goods to food pantries and needy families in their communities. During these Breakfast with Santa occasions, accidents do happen. Most often injuries are non-serious – livewire children overly excited to see Santa tripping and falling. However, the potential for more serious injuries exists. One of the most common accidents that occurs at a Breakfast with Santa can be choking. In fact, choking is the fourth leading cause of death in children younger than five years old. Further, the most common cause of nonfatal choking in little children is food. Besides that, balloons, toys with small parts, tiny figures and holiday decorations like ornaments, lights and tinsel can also pose potential choking hazards. These items, along with food, are commonly found in venues hosting Breakfast with Santa get-togethers. Naturally, you are going to want to make sure that you are completely protected by Westpoint Insurance’s “Special Events Accident & Liability Insurance.”

Brunch With Santa Insurance

The idea is to create a safe environment to prevent all kinds of injuries and accidents, while at the same time, having the best back-up available – Westpoint Insurance. That way you don’t run the risk of being unprotected in the event all your careful planning doesn’t work and an accident actually does happen during the Breakfast with Santa event. Westpoint Insurance specializes in “Special Events Accident & Liability Insurance.” With our coverage, the financial burden, as a result of expensive medical bills or civil litigation, will be removed. Our clientele rely upon Westpoint Insurance to custom design accident and liability policies for their Breakfast with Santa. With the Westpoint Insurance difference, you can rest assured that you and your participants will all be covered by our special event accident and liability insurance policy. Westpoint Insurance endeavors to offer a comprehensive policy program developed specifically to give your Breakfast with Santa the kind of coverage it needs and the peace of mind you deserve.

Breakfast With Santa Claus Insurance

Breakfast with Santa necessitates specialized coverage created by an agency that has the expertise required to get it right. Westpoint Insurance’s experience is based on information gathered throughout decades. In spite of how “risky” your Breakfast with Santa activity is, you will feel more confident knowing that the coverage has been carefully crafted to serve your needs. For more than 32 years, Westpoint Insurance has been providing exceptional coverage for our clients throughout the country. We are the principal family-owned and operated insurance group in the insurance industry! We are the only ones capable of customizing a special events accident and liability insurance coverage just for you! Westpoint Insurance has been the most astute insurance provider in restoring the confidence of its customers that their Breakfast with Santa will both exceed their expectations at an affordable price.