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Boxing Class Insurance

Boxing is identified as a martial art and combat sport whereby two individuals are involved in a contest of strength, endurance and reflexes by means of punching each other with gloved hands. Boxing has been around for a very long time; and it was first recognized as an Olympic sport in 688 BC. Because of the nature of the sport – repeatedly striking blows to the body, especially the head of an opponent – Boxing is considered to be an extremely dangerous sport. A 19 year study conducted by the Center for Injury Research and Policy and released by the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, an average of nearly 8,700 Boxing injuries are treated in emergency rooms across the nation each year, and about 2,500 of those injuries involved children between six and 17 years of age. However, 2008 saw close to 17,000 Boxing injuries, an increase of about 211%, from 1990! The hand was the most frequently injured part of the body, followed by the head and neck. Plus, the majority of Boxing injuries occur in sports and recreational facilities. These are certainly good arguments for owners and operators of sporting facilities and recreational centers to have the most comprehensive and all-inclusive Boxing Insurance from Westpoint Insurance.

Boxing Instructor Insurance

Westpoint Insurance is widely recognized as providing the best protection in the area of Boxing Insurance. Most Boxing schools and rec centers are well aware of the benefits of having exceptional insurance for the sake of all involved with their Boxing program – from their school, the owner, the management, the students, staff, instructors and volunteers. That is the reason clients choose the professional agents at Westpoint Insurance to customize a policy that will cover all persons involved in their Boxing program, as well as covering all possible injuries. If you run a Boxing school, you are going to want to guarantee that everyone associated with your Boxing program is protected with the best insurance possible. In fact, amateur youth and adult sports insurance for teams, leagues and associations is Westpoint Insurance’s specialty! Like the many other martial arts that we insure, Boxing involves considerable physical combat. We are of the opinion that any activity which engages in physical combat has a greater likelihood of seeing more injuries. For more than 30 years, Westpoint Insurance has been the insurance agency of choice for Boxing programs. We are capable of making sure that your Boxing Insurance policy is as unique as your program is. In addition, you will only pay for the Boxing Insurance policy that fits your program like a “glove” rather than paying for a policy that has little to do with your program!

Boxing Studio Liabilty Insurance

It’s high time that you made sure that your Boxing program is completely covered by the proper Boxing Insurance policy from Westpoint Insurance. We have a remarkable and competent staff of underwriters who have conducted the research to wholly understand all the possible risks involved in running a Boxing program. Clients can count on Westpoint Insurance to give them the kind of Boxing Insurance that will deliver them with the coverage their Boxing program requires and the peace of mind they deserve. To learn more about how Westpoint Insurance can best serve your Boxing Insurance needs, give our offices a call today. You will be glad you did.

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