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Birdwatching Insurance

Accident Medical and General Liability Birdwatching Insurance

The beginning of Birdwatching or “Birding” has its roots in the late 18th Century when the interest focused on birds for their aesthetic values rather than utilitarian or food values. According to a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service study, Birdwatching contributed $36 billion to the United States economy in 2006, and 20% of all Americans were identified as birdwatchers. Birdwatching can be done with the naked eye, through binoculars and telescopes. Although generally considered to be a safe activity, Birdwatching can involve injuries, which is why it is vital for Birdwatching clubs to have the best Birdwatching Insurance in place when they are out and about in state forest preserves. This is when you are going to want to be protected by a policy specifically designed for your Birdwatching club by Westpoint Insurance. On the occasion a claim is made, the Birdwatching club, its instructors and participants could have their personal assets, like their homes and savings, put at risk. Slips and falls are among the most common injuries that can occur. It is not unheard of that participants are distracted by the birds they are watching and misstep, resulting in an injury. Furthermore, as a Birdwatching club member or organizer, you are also going to want to make sure that your club is protected from a third-party claim or a property damage claim.

Birdwatching Studio Liability Insurance

Birdwatching is such a wonderful and enjoyable hobby, but it is important to realize that even the safest outdoor activities can have some risk of injury. Taking the proper safety precautions can contribute to a worry-free Birdwatching experience. Besides that, your club or organization is going to also want the finest Birdwatching Insurance provided by Westpoint Insurance. It is possible to enjoy Birdwatching in a beautiful state forest preserve without worrying about being the victim of liability. Most importantly, all birdwatchers should seek to protect the birds they watch while, at the same time, protecting themselves as birdwatchers. And, a significant portion of that protection is attributed to having the best Birdwatching Insurance delivered by none other than Westpoint Insurance! Additionally, forest preserves are protected environments and it is important that birdwatchers leave these lands in the same pristine condition they found it.

Birdwatching Studio Insurance Coverage

At Westpoint Insurance, we’re always looking for the best ways to improve your Birdwatching Insurance. Westpoint Insurance strives to provide a trouble free, comprehensive Birdwatching Insurance policy for your club or organization. This program provides complete protection for your Birdwatching club, its sponsors, directors, and participants against claims of bodily injury liability, property damage liability and the litigation costs to defend against such claims. To find out about our excellent Birdwatching Insurance, call Westpoint Insurance today. Our Birdwatching Insurance coverage is carefully and expertly crafted to serve all of your club’s needs.

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