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The Biathlon is an endurance sport that has its roots in Norway which combines cross-country skiing techniques with shooting. It is a mixed discipline sport which involves a combination of cross-country skiing and shooting and it was initially developed as a means to promote national defense for Norwegians. The Biathlon competition entails the contestants cross-country skiing around a trail system where the total distance is broken up into two or four shooting rounds, half in prone position, the other half standing. And, as in most races, the contestant with the shortest total time wins. Contestants are permitted to use only skis and ski poles for equipment along the track. Furthermore, Biathletes must carry their small bore rifles with them at all times during the race. The Biathlon requires repetitive training throughout the entire year, and its top level performance is more demanding for both men and women, with significant increases in races, and the total and daily amount of Biathlon training. In fact, the demands placed upon the Biathletes may actually increase their risks for injuries, fatigue, and overuse problems and sets stringent requirements for rest and nutrition. This is the reason that you are most definitely going to be protected by the best sports insurance available – Westpoint Insurance.

Biathlon Liability Insurance

For over three decades, Westpoint Insurance has been providing all 50 states with the best sports insurance in the industry. Further, we have the talent and expertise to wholly comprehend all of the risks associated with the sport by all Biathletes involved in Biathlon events. In effect, we will draft a comprehensive Biathlon insurance plan specifically for you that will provide you with the coverage you need and the peace of mind you deserve! Sports insurance for teams, leagues and sporting associations is Westpoint Insurance’s specialty, and you can count on us to give your personnel all of the financial resources to protect everyone associated with your Biathlon event. As expected, our clients know they can always depend upon our team of professionals to develop the most appropriate insurance for them, because we will carefully customize a policy to meet their precise specifications and ensure that it also fits their budgets.

Biathlon Insurance Coverage

Whatever you do, NEVER settle for less than the best in sports insurance! Take the time to consult with one of the knowledgeable agents at Westpoint Insurance because our specialty is sports insurance. You can rely on us to deliver the kind of Biathlon insurance that coincides with your and your teams’ needs, while, at the same time, being affordable! You just can’t beat those kinds of options! Make sure your Biathletes are all protected, as well as your sponsors, venues, volunteers and anyone else involved in the sporting event! To learn more about Westpoint Insurance’s protection, call us today at: (800) 318-7709 to talk with one of our agents about our sports insurance for your Biathlonprogram. You will discover that we are well-known for our extraordinary customer service and we are extremely proud of our long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with all of our loyal clients!

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