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Batting Cage Insurance

Accident Medical and General Liability Insurance

A Batting Cage, under the supervision of an instructor, provides athletes instruction on developing their strengths and improving their skills, while identifying and getting rid of weaknesses. Not only does a Batting Cage help in the skill of batting, but it is also capable of assisting players with their pitching, throwing, catching, and fielding. In addition, many athletes attend Batting Cage Clinics in order to sharpen their balance, running, ball release, follow-through, velocity and control to give them a competitive edge. Batting Cage practice is the opportunity for participants to increase their overall experience in the game of baseball and to enhance their physical skills as well as their understanding of the game and the value of sportsmanship-like conduct. Although, Batting Cage activities seem to be safe and harmless; injuries do occur. Batting can lead to wrist injuries such as: sprains and strains. Pitching machines can also cause injuries, and so can real-life pitchers who deliver wild pitches. Also, pitchers can sustain injuries when they are struck by a hard hit line drive, or they suffer an elbow or rotator cuff injury. Finally, hitters are known to develop upper-body injuries when they are swinging repetitively with a bat. As a result, Batting Cage owners don’t want to proceed without the protection Westpoint Insurance has to offer! Westpoint Insurance knows what they are doing and how to customize a policy that will fit your Batting Cage program perfectly.

Batting Cage Liability Insurance

Westpoint Insurance’s agents have the proficiency and experience to understand all the hazards that are involved in Batting Cage activities because they have been serving communities throughout the country for over 30 years. Westpoint Insurance’s comprehensive insurance plan is developed designed specifically to offer you with the coverage you need and the peace of mind you deserve. We specialize in sports insurance for groups and activities. That’s why customers depend upon Westpoint Insurance to provide your Batting Cage program and facility the financial protection they should have. Our professional agents will team up with you to design the most suitable Batting Cage insurance for you and all your Batting Cage participants, coaches, staff and facilities. Westpoint Insurance will help insure your facility, your players and all employees and volunteers who are involved in the Batting Cageprogram.

General Liability Insurance Plan >
Protects you in the event of a lawsuit or property damage.

Mandatory Accidental Medical Plan >
Pays the medical bills of an injured participant or staff member.

Batting Cage Facilities Insurance

If you have decided to invest in a Batting Cage program or if you are participating in a Batting Cage program, you are also going to want to invest in the best insurance policy that will cover everyone and everything involved. That insurance policy will begin with a call to the agents at Westpoint Insurance! Enough possibilities exist for injuries in Batting Cage activities, so don’t get caught without a comprehensive insurance program like Westpoint Insurance. The last thing you want to do is risk being financially ruined by not being insured and having someone seriously injured in a Batting Cage activity. You also don’t want to run the risk of allowing an unreliable insurance company to sell you a policy that won’t protect you properly, or deliver in the event someone is injured! Isn’t it time you called Westpoint Insurance to get the policy that fulfills your Batting Cage requirements and is affordable?

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