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Background Check Services

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Why Background Checks?

PointHR provides Coach background checks and employment screening services to sports organizations and employers, focusing on quality, cost effective, and compliant solutions. This thorough screening process is your first line of defense in preventing sexual predators and violent offenders from working with the youth and children of your organization. Their web-based reports display results in real-time to keep you up to speed every step of the way.

They have been trusted by organizations and companies of all sizes for over 15 years to provide comprehensive, complete and timely background checks. Quite simply, no one does it better.

As a matter of safety, background checks have become the standard practice for sports organizations. Discovering the background of your coaches, employees, volunteers and /or staff members screens for previous arrests, convictions for both sexual and violent offenses. Your organization is protected from legal liability and lawsuits due to negligent hiring and selection.

Safeguard your organization! To get started and view the Terms of Use Agreement and Account Registration click here: POINT HR BACKGROUND CHECK