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Archery Insurance

Accident Medical and General Liability Insurance for Archery Clubs, Events and Competitions.

Westpoint Insurance Group is well-known as a family-owned and operated national agency located in Chicago Ridge. With more than 30 years of background and expertise in the industry, our knowledgeable and proficient staff and underwriters have done the due diligence and research required to fully comprehend all of the specific risks involved in managing an Archery team, league, squad, club or association. Westpoint Insurance is constantly endeavoring to provide an all-inclusive insurance program designed to give your Archery group the coverage it needs and the peace of mind you deserve. Let’s face it, accidents happen, and if you are protected by the right insurance, you will be safeguarded from extreme financial loss. Further, our General Liability and Accident Medical policies are intended to cover the basics of most amateur youth sports teams – like Archery. We can also customize your Archery insurance by offering higher limits or additional coverage, as necessary, in order to satisfy your Archery team’s specifications.

Archery League Insurance

Archery is the art, practice or skill of shooting arrows with the use of a bow. Originally, Archery was used for hunting and combat, while today; its main use is as a recreational activity. Competitive Archery involves shooting at a target for accuracy from a set distance. This is recognized as the most popular form of competitive Archery worldwide and is referred to as target Archery. The sport of Archery requires strong shoulders to bear the resistance exerted by the bowstring. Over time, archers may sustain shoulder injuries if they don’t use proper form and techniques. Though most Archery-related shoulder injuries are relatively minor and heal with rest, some injuries may be severe enough to necessitate medical treatment or even surgery. Due to the fact that the ability to qualify for the Archery team requires the investment of time, talent and intense competition, many youthful archers enroll in independent Archeryprograms in order to hone their skills. Obviously, the parents and coaches of the young Robin Hoods are going to ensure that their athletes are protected by the finest insurance for the sport – Westpoint Insurance! We cover all facets of Archery and are able to custom-design specifically for your Archery needs and budget. Whether you are a group of beginners in the early stages of the sport, or an Archeryteam preparing for serious competition, Westpoint Insurance is able to tailor an insurance plan especially for your group.

Archery Association Insurance

Throughout the years, Westpoint Insurance has helped countless Archery teams and organizations get the insurance coverage they need at a price they can afford. We are well acquainted with the Archery industry and our clients know they can always rely upon our “team” to develop the bestArchery insurance policy for their team! When you let our experienced agency work with you to make sure your policy suits your insurance needs and budget. You’ll find we stress exceptional customer service and we pride ourselves in maintaining long term, mutually beneficial relationships with all of our customers! Isn’t it time you contact the experts at Westpoint Insurance? When you bring your insurance questions to our agents, they will remove the confusion with straight-forward plain talk and assist you in getting the best policy for your Archery team, coaches and program. Regardless of your questions, we have the answers! For more information about our Archery insurance coverage, call us today, at: (800) 318-7709!

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