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Antique Show Insurance

Accident Medical and General Liability Insurance for
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Antique shows are great opportunities for people to find bargains for personal use, gifts or profit. Sources for antiquing include garage sales and yard sales, estate sales, resort towns, antique districts, collectives and auction houses. If you are exhibiting at an antique show, you are going to want to make sure you are protected by the best antique show insurance – Westpoint Insurance. We provideantique show participants the most sensible and affordable antique show insurance. Although you might not be able to imagine how anyone could be hurt at an antique show, you’d be surprised to learn that accidents do happen, and they occur at antique shows. Just imagine the fact that someone might trip over an extension cord at site or that they could trip over an electrical outlet near your display. That is when you are going to want to be sure that you and your assistants at your antique show exhibit are protected by Westpoint Insurance.

Antique Show Liability Insurance

Don’t wait until after someone is injured at your display and it is too late. Because once a person is injured after stumbling over an extension cord or electrical outlet at your site, you are not only liable for the accident, but so are the antique show’s venue owners, the event organizers and the promoters! Westpoint Insurance’s antique show insurance will guarantee that you and your staff are completely and properly protected. Furthermore, Westpoint Insurance produces insurancepolicies that also include the antique show’s venue, backers and sponsors, in addition to protecting you from lawsuits. Business owners who are involved in antique shows are just like most other business owners. They deserve the kind of protection that only Westpoint Insurance can provide. We are able to offer our clients the customized policies they need. Whether you clients realize it or not, injured parties are more aware of their legal rights than ever before, and they are more inclined to sue responsible parties for the loss or damage they caused! Consequently, if you do not have antique show insurance, you can be financially ruined. And, even if you are innocent, the cost of defending the claim against you can bankrupt you! But, with antique insurance from Westpoint Insurance, the cost of your defense is covered!

Antique Show Insurance Coverage

You can count on Westpoint Insurance underwriters to create the best and most comprehensive antique insurance policy for you. We will safeguard you with the coverage you want and the peace of mind you deserve. We can give you a personalized quote and increase your limits or supplementary coverage as needed, in order to meet all of your specifications. Westpoint Insurance always works for YOU; NOT the insurance company! When it comes to antique show insurance, no one does it better than Westpoint Insurance. To learn more about our outstanding antique show insurance, call us today at: (800) 318-7709 and allow the experienced agents at Westpoint Insurance to assist you with your antique show insurance.

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